Week Of Modern Macedonian Culinary

This year, for the first time, begins The Week of the Modern Macedonian Cuisine (


This year, for the first time The Week of the Modern Macedonian Cuisine begins  (, and its goal is to be held on an annual basis. A high-level gastronomic event, which has been created to revive, to develop and to present the wealth and the rich flavors of the native gastronomical culture and to “introduce” them again to visitors but also to us who live here and seem to forget the value and its roots.



For this purpose, a group of distinguished and award-winning Chefs was brought together with connoisseurs of native Macedonian cuisine. They opened forgotten treasures, old dusted notebooks, explored the culinary tradition in depth and found precious gems!! Forty representative recipes form the rich culinary of Macedonia have been revived! Based on these recipes, Chefs rebuilt and transformed them using the same ingredients with different mixes and techniques. They modernized them. The basic prerequisite was that the modern version of plates not lose their identity from the traditional version so that each dish is recognizable and awakens tasteful memories from the past Macedonian flavors and roots.

Alfredo's Grand Dining


Ambrosia, Hyatt Regency 


The goals of the week are many but the primary objective is to highlight the recipes of the traditional cuisine of Macedonia and to prepare them with the most modern techniques, to present them in ways more compatible and friendly to today’s gastronomic reality. The use of modern techniques will enable traditional dishes to “dress” with today’s food gastronomy and food styling “clothes”, to make them more accessible to us without losing the essence, the ingredients, the taste and the memories of our grandmother’s dishes.

B Restaurant



The promotion and  the highlight of the native Macedonian cuisine aims to make people return to the quality of traditional food. To achieve this outcome The Week of Modern Macedonian Culinary aspires to become a permanent institution for the city of Thessaloniki. The ultimate goal is to make Thessaloniki “The” capital of Greek cuisine!

Daios Food Bar


It wasn't by chance that Thessaloniki was chosen to represent this event. Its history is considered very rich in traditional gastronomic cuisine. Today, the city offers us a vast choice of gastronomical traditions with local Macedonian elements co-existing with cuisines from Smirne, Pontos, Ottoman Empire, and from the Jewish community. All this gastronomical heritage is a definite guarantee in choosing Thessaloniki as the capital of Macedonian cuisine.



Mavri Hina


Marea Sea Spirit



It is undisputed that Macedonian cuisine is an important part of our culture. We are obliged to protect it and enhance it so it can be a proud element of our national identity. Collaboration with the top twelve restaurants of the town and their Chefs, twelve different menus will be prepared.  Each restaurant will participate with one menu for the week of Macedonian Modern Cuisine.

To Manitari


Kapnotopi - Oinotopi


Find the time to visit one or more of the above restaurants, introduce yourself once again to our gastronomical tradition. Enjoy the beautiful unique flavors and scents of the Macedonian Cuisine. Keep the heritage going!!