Cheesy potato & sausage galette
Potato March 12th 2021
Thinly sliced mini sausages in between potato layers will add a beautiful smoky flavour to this recipe.
Leek, potato and goat cheese galette
Potato November 27th 2020
Since potatoes and leeks are so perfect together, I’ve opted to make a classic French potato galette, a recipe that we love and that is qu...
Crispy buttered potatoes with thyme
Potato May 5th 2020
Butter and potatoes, probably the most perfect combination anyone could think of. Crispy, scrumptious butter potatoes with thyme.
Potato salad with asparagus and smoked salmon
Potato April 10th 2020
Potato salad is a very popular, cold and light dish, yet very tasty and satisfying.
Bratkartoffeln - German pan fried potatoes
Potato January 31st 2020
The list of ingredients is more than enough to give you an idea of how delicious this dish is. A piece of art!
Chargrilled Potatoes
Potato May 14th 2019
Our recipe for the day is very mountainy and satisfying, the definition of comfort food! A chargrilled meal in the fireplace!