Bread & Crackers & Pies

Savoury Panettone
Bread & Crackers & Pies March 26th 2021
This time, my pie is shaped into a beautiful, fluffy, savoury panettone which I’ve tried quite a few times in the past and the result is ...
Feta cheese cornmeal muffins
Bread & Crackers & Pies March 5th 2021
They’re healthy and light, easy to make and a great, yummy school snack!
Sourdough Grissini breadsticks
Bread & Crackers & Pies January 29th 2021
I have some very ambitious plans today; homemade sourdough grissini breadsticks in different flavours.
Savoury butter biscuits with goat cheese
Bread & Crackers & Pies December 11th 2020
They’re incredibly tasty and satisfying, oversized and fluffy –almost croissant-like-, they’re soft and cheesy on the inside but perfe...
Sourdough Focaccia with cherry tomatoes
Bread & Crackers & Pies June 19th 2020
This thin, chewy and subtly sour bread is just all you need to pair with a glass of wine on summer nights!
Sourdough Crackers
Bread & Crackers & Pies June 12th 2020
You can sprinkle them with any herb you like but this time I chose to add some rosemary, coarse salt, grated cheese and seeds.