Feta cheese cornmeal muffins
Salty March 5th 2021
They’re healthy and light, easy to make and a great, yummy school snack!
Savoury blue cheese & walnut biscuits
Salty January 10th 2020
They’re the perfect snack to pair with a glass of wine, they look beautiful on your table and they’re on the healthier side of homemade ...
Prosciutto and Fig Bruschetta
Salty September 9th 2019
The ingredients I’m using today make the perfect combination, in my opinion; ciabatta bread, soft goat cheese, plenty of rocket salad, pro...


Lemon Pie
Sweets April 2nd 2021
My baskets are filled with gorgeous organic lemons. I love the freshness of their green-yellow colours and, with a deep breath, I try to inh...
Orange soufflé
Sweets February 12th 2021
The timing is perfect for this dessert. First, because we’re all in need of Vitamin C, especially during winter, and second, because citru...
Carrot Tea Cake - Birthday Cake
Sweets December 1st 2020
This cake is definitely one of our staples. It might change a bit from time to time according to the occasion or our cravings.


Duck legs with grapes
Gourmet October 16th 2020
Grapes and grape juice add such a delicious sweet flavour to a roast, you’ll be surprised! Preferably serve with creamy potato purée or p...
Crispy buttered potatoes with thyme
Gourmet May 5th 2020
Butter and potatoes, probably the most perfect combination anyone could think of. Crispy, scrumptious butter potatoes with thyme.
Sea bass tartare with sour cream
Gourmet December 31st 2019
A light and easy dish that can be easily adjusted to your taste, a gourmet and raw delight with a very simple recipe! Sea bass tartare with...

Preserved Food

Apricot jam with vanilla beans
Preserved Food August 7th 2020
Apricot blends perfectly with vanilla, making this jam so unbelievably fragrant, and the pectin stock gave it such a rich fruity flavour. ...
Green apple pectin stock
Preserved Food July 31st 2020
By using pectin stock, you’ll be able to cut down on the quantity of granulated sugar in your jam to half without affecting its sweetness....
Redcurrant Jelly
Preserved Food July 3rd 2019
I’m making redcurrant jelly that can be preserved in jars for quite a long time. This lovely, vivid red, shaky jelly will maintain a stron...


Celebrating the autumn harvest
Seasonal October 2nd 2020
It’s time to welcome the new season and add those autumn vibes to your home with cosy cocooning reading corners, beautifully decorated bas...
Crispy roasted vegetables
Seasonal July 24th 2020
It’s amazing how little time you’ll need for this dish, just enough so that the vegetables release their wonderful aroma while remaining...
Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Seasonal October 10th 2019
Every birthday needs a cake and today, we’re making our very own fabulous birthday cake!