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Roasted chicken with truffle butter and garlic pureé
Chef in the blog December 6th 2019
I couldn’t wait until I’d finally make this delicious dish that is no other than roasted chicken with truffle butter, a recipe by our lo...
At Angela Roungeri's Traditional Cheese Dairy - Tinos Food Paths
Chef in the blog May 28th 2019
My daughter and I looked it up and discovered that there is a lady somewhere in the mountains of Tinos that has kept the tradition of making...
Tinian Wild Artichoke in Oil - Tinos Food Paths - Marathia
Chef in the blog May 21st 2019
Wild artichoke can be quite thorny and requires attention but it’s one of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen. This must have been ...
Fish Soup, Bouillabaisse
Chef in the blog March 15th 2019
Not guilty food has moved to my kitchen today. To be more precise, today we did everything that could be possibly done in a 3,5sqm kitchen....
Pasta Fresca With Mushrooms
Chef in the blog February 22nd 2019
Latteria Studio was created to host cooking courses, with an Italian cuisine theme and more.
Vegetarian Carbonara with Zucchini & Asparagus
Chef in the blog February 1st 2019
Writing last week’s post about our trip to Gradara brought back so many beautiful memories that are still simply stuck in my mind....