Fresh green bean and grated tomato sauce salad
Vegetables June 5th 2020
As I was walking around at the organic market today – as usual, I stumbled upon some wonderful fresh, thin green beans.
Crispy buttered potatoes with thyme
Vegetables May 5th 2020
Butter and potatoes, probably the most perfect combination anyone could think of. Crispy, scrumptious butter potatoes with thyme.
Roasted pumpkin and rocket salad
Vegetables February 7th 2020
This salad has some of my all-time favourite ingredients; fresh and slightly peppery rocket from our veggie garden, roasted, delicious pumpk...
Greek Salad (Horiatiki) with feta mousse and carob rusks
Vegetables September 4th 2019
Today, I’m making another extremely good-looking salad! “Horiatiki” with feta mousse and carob rusks!
Vegetables Au Gratin
Vegetables July 25th 2019
There are so many ways of combining these delicious vegetables but today, my mind is set on a recipe that I find perfect for summer. Baked v...
Goat Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms
Vegetables June 11th 2019
Zucchini blossoms are among the most popular summer delicacies. The definition of seasonal food!