Kid-friendly winter soup
Soup January 15th 2021
Soups are healthy and nutritious, perfect for winter and here to stay. Is it time for a little conspiracy between mothers? Oh, yes!...
Autumn tomato soup
Soup October 30th 2020
The weather is perfect for this amazing and nutritious “pretty in red” soup.
Cold Cucumber And Avocado Soup
Soup June 1st 2020
I love cold summer soups that are made with super fresh veggies and require no cooking at all, like the one I’m making today; a cold cucum...
Winter sweet cabbage soup
Soup February 14th 2020
If you want to elevate and enhance its flavour, you can add a piece of smoked meat and spicy chili pepper. This time I chose to use apaki, C...
Broccoli & Kale detox soup
Soup January 17th 2020
This soup is extremely detoxifying and as green as it gets!
Shellfish soup
Soup December 20th 2019
The weather is getting quite chilly, at last, so I played around with the ingredients a little bit and made my soup a bit spicier.