The Venetian Experience
Workshops July 9th 2020
As soon as I found out about “The Venetian Experience” workshop, I immediately signed up along with my most favourite travel partner, my...
Forage Feast Photography - Provence
Workshops November 29th 2019
I have to say that this team was the perfect blend of truly amazing people! I feel extremely lucky and grateful for meeting all of them and...
"First we Eat" Food Photography, Food Styling & Story Telling Workshop, Gradara, Italy
Workshops January 25th 2019
Every time I want to recall my memories and write a story about the workshops I have visited, I realise that I become very emotional...


Artichoke And Sausage Omelette - Tinos Food Paths
Events May 17th 2019
The Artichoke Festival that has been held on the second week of May for years, has now evolved into something greater and bigger. It has evo...
Week Of Modern Macedonian Culinary
Events March 8th 2018
This year, for the first time, begins The Week of the Modern Macedonian Cuisine (
Dine Athens Week
Events February 28th 2018
I think we all agree that after the Christmas holiday the rest of the winter seems endless, cold and depressive.