Little Foodies

Cheesy potato & sausage galette
Little Foodies March 12th 2021
Thinly sliced mini sausages in between potato layers will add a beautiful smoky flavour to this recipe.
Zucchini au gratin
Little Foodies March 12th 2021
It’s just as delicious warm or cold the next day, rich in flavour and highly nutritious, therefore perfect for winter but can also be quit...
Feta cheese cornmeal muffins
Little Foodies March 5th 2021
They’re healthy and light, easy to make and a great, yummy school snack!

Chef in the blog

Roasted chicken with truffle butter and garlic pureé
Chef in the blog December 6th 2019
I couldn’t wait until I’d finally make this delicious dish that is no other than roasted chicken with truffle butter, a recipe by our lo...
At Angela Roungeri's Traditional Cheese Dairy - Tinos Food Paths
Chef in the blog May 28th 2019
My daughter and I looked it up and discovered that there is a lady somewhere in the mountains of Tinos that has kept the tradition of making...
Tinian Wild Artichoke in Oil - Tinos Food Paths - Marathia
Chef in the blog May 21st 2019
Wild artichoke can be quite thorny and requires attention but it’s one of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen. This must have been ...

From My Garden

Roasted pumpkin and rocket salad
From My Garden November 16th 2020
This salad has some of my all-time favourite ingredients; fresh and slightly peppery rocket from our veggie garden, roasted, delicious pumpk...
Grilled aubergine with garlic and thyme
From My Garden November 13th 2020
Aubergines love a bit of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a good herb seasoning.
Autumn tomato soup
From My Garden October 30th 2020
The weather is perfect for this amazing and nutritious “pretty in red” soup.


Fresh green bean and grated tomato sauce salad
Healthy April 19th 2021
As I was walking around at the organic market today – as usual, I stumbled upon some wonderful fresh, thin green beans.
Black chickpea hummus & avocado dip
Healthy February 19th 2021
This time I went for a classic, delicious and velvety hummus with the crispiest pita bread. Perfection!
Winter rainbow salad
Healthy February 5th 2021
In season fruits and veggies, nuts, dried cranberries, raisins, blueberries, fresh orange juice and zest.. A feast for the eyes and taste b...