Spicy scallop, lime & chives bruschetta
Starters April 9th 2021
Spicy scallops with garlic, lime, coriander and chives (a personal favourite) make for an absolutely delicious bruschetta topping. ...
Grilled aubergine with garlic and thyme
Starters November 13th 2020
Aubergines love a bit of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a good herb seasoning.
Black & White Fish Roe Spread with Fougasse (Lagana)
Starters March 2nd 2020
The menu on Clean Monday stays more or less the same every year with fish roe spread (taramosalata) and traditional Greek flatbread (lagana)...
Sea bass tartare with sour cream
Starters December 31st 2019
A light and easy dish that can be easily adjusted to your taste, a gourmet and raw delight with a very simple recipe! Sea bass tartare with...
Prosciutto and Fig Bruschetta
Starters September 9th 2019
The ingredients I’m using today make the perfect combination, in my opinion; ciabatta bread, soft goat cheese, plenty of rocket salad, pro...
Vegetables Au Gratin
Starters July 25th 2019
There are so many ways of combining these delicious vegetables but today, my mind is set on a recipe that I find perfect for summer. Baked v...