From My Garden

Tourlou / Greek ratatouille
From My Garden September 18th 2020
Juicy and delicious on its own, but also screaming for a bit of cheese and sopping the luscious sauce up with bread.
Apricot jam with vanilla beans
From My Garden August 7th 2020
Apricot blends perfectly with vanilla, making this jam so unbelievably fragrant, and the pectin stock gave it such a rich fruity flavour. ...
Crispy roasted vegetables
From My Garden July 24th 2020
It’s amazing how little time you’ll need for this dish, just enough so that the vegetables release their wonderful aroma while remaining...
Roasted pumpkin and rocket salad
From My Garden February 7th 2020
This salad has some of my all-time favourite ingredients; fresh and slightly peppery rocket from our veggie garden, roasted, delicious pumpk...
My Herbs
From My Garden June 7th 2019
There’s nothing better than having herb pots and baskets ready to be used, in my kitchen. I love them!