Lemon Pie
Sweets April 2nd 2021
My baskets are filled with gorgeous organic lemons. I love the freshness of their green-yellow colours and, with a deep breath, I try to inh...
Orange soufflé
Sweets February 12th 2021
The timing is perfect for this dessert. First, because we’re all in need of Vitamin C, especially during winter, and second, because citru...
Carrot Tea Cake - Birthday Cake
Sweets December 1st 2020
This cake is definitely one of our staples. It might change a bit from time to time according to the occasion or our cravings.
Green apple Cake with Coconut oil
Sweets October 26th 2020
These super simple ingredients -beaten with an ancient hand mixer and baked in an old oven- transformed into the most wonderful, juiciest an...
Apricot jam with vanilla beans
Sweets August 7th 2020
Apricot blends perfectly with vanilla, making this jam so unbelievably fragrant, and the pectin stock gave it such a rich fruity flavour. ...
Upside-Down Sour Cherry Cake
Sweets July 17th 2020
An almond flavoured buttery cake covered with a thick layer of refreshing –almost like spoon sweet- sour cherries; a simply irresistible c...