Winter rainbow salad
Winter February 5th 2021
In season fruits and veggies, nuts, dried cranberries, raisins, blueberries, fresh orange juice and zest.. A feast for the eyes and taste b...
Roasted pumpkin and rocket salad
Winter November 16th 2020
This salad has some of my all-time favourite ingredients; fresh and slightly peppery rocket from our veggie garden, roasted, delicious pumpk...
Winter sweet cabbage soup
Winter February 14th 2020
If you want to elevate and enhance its flavour, you can add a piece of smoked meat and spicy chili pepper. This time I chose to use apaki, C...
Bratkartoffeln - German pan fried potatoes
Winter January 31st 2020
The list of ingredients is more than enough to give you an idea of how delicious this dish is. A piece of art!
Spicy sour cabbage rolls
Winter December 22nd 2019
We’re still in the heart of winter. With this amount of snow around me, I feel like I’m dreaming!
Beef & Vegetable casserole stew - Not Guilty home remedies to get through a cold
Winter November 22nd 2019
Whenever I have some extra time, I like to diverge from the classic beef soup recipe and go for a lovely casserole stew instead.