Grilled aubergine with garlic and thyme
Vegetarian November 13th 2020
Aubergines love a bit of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a good herb seasoning.
Almond and plum tart
Vegetarian November 6th 2020
The sweet-and-sour flavour of plums and the almond-y and super crispy tart crust are a match made in heaven.
Autumn tomato soup
Vegetarian October 30th 2020
The weather is perfect for this amazing and nutritious “pretty in red” soup.
Green apple Cake with Coconut oil
Vegetarian October 26th 2020
These super simple ingredients -beaten with an ancient hand mixer and baked in an old oven- transformed into the most wonderful, juiciest an...
Basil pesto
Vegetarian September 25th 2020
By following a few simple steps to make fresh pesto and then storing it in the freezer, you’ll be able to almost feel the bright summer su...
Burrata salad with charred peaches
Vegetarian September 3rd 2020
Simple and beautiful, just perfect for a summer dinner.