Pasta & Risotto

Black tagliatelle with shrimp & coriander pesto
Pasta & Risotto April 23rd 2021
Fresh coriander, sautéed shrimps, garlic and lime.. Talk about the perfect blend of flavours!
Buffalo milk trahana with shellfish
Pasta & Risotto January 8th 2021
If you happen to come across these wonderful ingredients, don’t hesitate to try this recipe!
Aubergine Lasagne
Pasta & Risotto August 19th 2019
All the ingredients I have today blend perfectly and create the ultimate summer treat. Buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, tomato, basil, spearmin...
Artichoke Ragù With Tagliatelle
Pasta & Risotto May 7th 2019
I literally had no idea which recipe I would make for the day; the options were endless and I was so excited that I couldn’t really pick o...
Calamari Risotto with Green Peppers
Pasta & Risotto April 19th 2019
Today’s dish is a steady option in our home all year long and even more so during this season. Calamari risotto with green peppers it is!...
Vegetarian Mushroom Ragù With Truffle
Pasta & Risotto April 5th 2019
The veggies I'm using today are not from our garden but they’ll soon prove to be equally delicious. I’m trying to avoid meat (which is i...