Leek, potato and goat cheese galette
Autumn November 27th 2020
Since potatoes and leeks are so perfect together, I’ve opted to make a classic French potato galette, a recipe that we love and that is qu...
Autumn Forage Feast
Autumn November 20th 2020
Decorating a table with treasures found in nature always makes a difference.
Roasted pumpkin and rocket salad
Autumn November 16th 2020
This salad has some of my all-time favourite ingredients; fresh and slightly peppery rocket from our veggie garden, roasted, delicious pumpk...
Almond and plum tart
Autumn November 6th 2020
The sweet-and-sour flavour of plums and the almond-y and super crispy tart crust are a match made in heaven.
Autumn tomato soup
Autumn October 30th 2020
The weather is perfect for this amazing and nutritious “pretty in red” soup.
Celebrating the autumn harvest
Autumn October 2nd 2020
It’s time to welcome the new season and add those autumn vibes to your home with cosy cocooning reading corners, beautifully decorated bas...