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Winter sweet cabbage soup
Winter February 14th 2020
If you want to elevate and enhance its flavour, you can add a piece of smoked meat and spicy chili pepper. This time I chose to use apaki, C...
Spicy sour cabbage rolls
Winter December 22nd 2019
We’re still in the heart of winter. With this amount of snow around me, I feel like I’m dreaming!
Djuvec Rice
Casserole October 3rd 2019
I just love how sweet the rice tastes after soaking up all the delicious juices and flavours from the vegetables. This dish also feels like ...
Roasted giant beans with sausage
Winter January 7th 2019
Oh my, it’s snowing! I’m not joking, it really is snowing! Some of you might be thinking: “So what? It’s just snow”. But that’s ...
Cabbage Rolls
Christmas December 15th 2017
It is so impressive how the weather affects our mood for everything, I must admit that this year we had an amazing summer which felt never e...