5 Articles with Tag " Healthy Thoughts"
Vegetarian Magiritsa soup
Easter April 25th 2019
The period of healthy nutrition with veggies is continuing. Another day of going through old recipes I haven’t made for a while trying to ...
Spinach and Kale Risotto
Vegetables April 12th 2019
Two weeks left for Easter!! I love this time of year.
First time Artichoke
Summer August 20th 2018
Yes, I have to admit that I have feelings for this lady! I consider her a beautiful flower, so impressive that I feel guilty spoiling her. A...
Beetroot Carpacio With Walnuts And Goat Cheese
Starters April 14th 2018
Even though we celebrated Easter at the beginning of April, it felt more like May. Spring had decided to make an early dynamic appearance, s...
Seven Artichoke Flowers
Summer April 3rd 2018
For the first time, last year, we planted some artichoke seeds. It’s one of those trial tests that you don’t really expect something to ...