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Buffalo milk trahana with shellfish
Sea Food January 8th 2021
If you happen to come across these wonderful ingredients, don’t hesitate to try this recipe!
Shrimp crêpe soufflé
Christmas December 23rd 2019
Today’s dish is an absolute staple at our Christmas table each and every year. And since Christmas celebrations have already begun, it has...
Shellfish soup
Sea Food December 20th 2019
The weather is getting quite chilly, at last, so I played around with the ingredients a little bit and made my soup a bit spicier.
Grilled Sardines
Sea Food April 8th 2019
I came across super fresh sardines today and I couldn’t help but buy them. I’ll grill my sardines -after I clean them- and serve them wi...
Crayfish Truffle Tagliatelle with Bisque Sauce
Gourmet March 18th 2019
What’s going on in my kitchen today is just incredible! I found fresh crayfish and I’m thinking of setting myself a challenge. I’m mak...