Burrata salad with charred peaches

Simple and beautiful, just perfect for a summer dinner.

It would literally be impossible to take pictures of every single one of my dishes and all the things that happen in my kitchen on the daily. Thank God, otherwise we’d never have the time to actually eat! The whole process and preparation of a new post is quite demanding. You need time for cooking, styling, shooting and editing.. And as a little bonus, you get an endless mess in the kitchen!

Getting the results you want is definitely not an easy task. Let’s not forget that not all days are the same and you can’t always be happy and satisfied with what you do. Time isn’t unlimited and light, which plays a major role in what I do, is gone within a few minutes. I’m always rushing to catch the perfect natural light, since nothing can replace its beauty successfully.

Thus, I always prefer to take pictures of dishes that seem to love the camera and are naturally photogenic. I search for the ones that have beautiful colours and shapes and, at the same time, are interesting, creative and inspiring, so that you can play around with them if you want to and create something different, something unique. I also try to use ingredients that are in season as much as possible, it’s just something I find so much healthier and a great way to keep our taste buds entertained and avoid getting bored of certain foods. For example, cabbage is a winter vegetable and no one wants to see it as part of a summer meal.

I have a few peaches that are so fragrant and juicy, I feel like they’re the definition of summer. Summer simply wouldn’t be the same without them. Whether it’s peaches or nectarines, I’m definitely a huge fan and often take some with me in my bag, at work or at the beach, and love how this amazing, sweet and sour, juicy fruit will keep me away from eating out and will be just what I crave when I need a snack.

I’ve always been a fan of incorporating fruits in savoury recipes and even more so when they are the star of the dish. Their irresistible fruity flavour adds a touch of freshness and leaves you with a perfect sweet and sour aftertaste. And besides, they make any dish look so beautiful and colourful, an eye-catching blend of colours and textures.

When it comes to salads combined with fruits, that’s where the magic happens, with the most incredible mix and match of fruits and fresh ingredients, unique colours and flavours. Although we can always make such dishes throughout the year, summer, with so many delicious fruits in abundance, has to be the perfect time. Remember that the more colours your salad has, the healthier it is!

This salad is one of those super summery, wonderful dishes. Firm, grilled peaches (or nectarines if you prefer) that add a lovely smoky flavour to the dish and blend perfectly with the baby rocket leaves and burrata cheese, and a dressing of white balsamic vinegar –preferably orange or peach flavoured-, and here it is, a seriously delicious salad. For a touch of extra freshness, don’t forget the spearmint leaves. Simple and beautiful, just perfect for a summer dinner.


2 firm peaches cut in 4 pieces

2-3tbsp olive oil and some for the peaches

2 cups baby rocket leaves

1 burrata cheese ball

10 fresh spearmint leaves

5-6 thin prosciutto slices



6tbsp olive oil

2tsp balsamic vinegar, orange or peach flavoured

Coarse sea salt

Fresh ground pepper


1. Wash and core the peaches. Cut them into four pieces, spread olive oil onto them, transfer them into a grill pan and cook each side for 2 minutes until golden-brown.

2. Blend all the ingredients to make the dressing.

3. Scatter the baby rocket and spearmint leaves onto a serving platter. Place the burrata cheese in the centre. Scatter the grilled peaches around the burrata. Pour the dressing over your salad and add the prosciutto slices on top.