5 Articles with Tag " Food for kids"
Zucchini au gratin
Tarts & Souffles & Pies March 12th 2021
It’s just as delicious warm or cold the next day, rich in flavour and highly nutritious, therefore perfect for winter but can also be quit...
Feta cheese cornmeal muffins
Bread & Crackers & Pies March 5th 2021
They’re healthy and light, easy to make and a great, yummy school snack!
Orange soufflé
Sweets February 12th 2021
The timing is perfect for this dessert. First, because we’re all in need of Vitamin C, especially during winter, and second, because citru...
Kid-friendly winter soup
Vegetables January 15th 2021
Soups are healthy and nutritious, perfect for winter and here to stay. Is it time for a little conspiracy between mothers? Oh, yes!...
Tiny, Salty Croissants
Bread & Crackers & Pies March 29th 2019
Cheese croissants! I can still hear my daughter saying, “Come on, Mommy, let’s make croissants”! They’re very easy, healthy, homemad...