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Polenta with spinach and mushroom purée
Vegetarian March 13th 2020
To elevate your dish, you can add some truffle in any form you prefer.
Vegetarian Mushroom Ragù With Truffle
Pasta & Risotto April 5th 2019
The veggies I'm using today are not from our garden but they’ll soon prove to be equally delicious. I’m trying to avoid meat (which is i...
Pasta Fresca With Mushrooms
Pasta & Risotto February 22nd 2019
Latteria Studio was created to host cooking courses, with an Italian cuisine theme and more.
Fresh grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Vegetables February 4th 2019
Still flipping through Valentina’s book, looking for some much needed inspiration. I know this is the right place to find it!