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Chocolate lava cake
Cookies & Cakes & Tarts March 19th 2021
The combination of hot chocolate cake topped with a scoop of vanilla or kaymak ice cream is simply beyond words. A few sliced strawberries o...
Vanilla & hazelnut cake
Cookies & Cakes & Tarts February 26th 2021
This is a classic vanilla cake with ground hazelnuts, a simple recipe most of us make quite often, except this time I wanted to make my cak...
Pink Pavlova with forest berries
Christmas December 30th 2020
It tastes incredible and looks beautiful thanks to the fantastic pink colour of forest berries. Pink Pavlova is sure to delight my guests a...
Carrot Tea Cake - Birthday Cake
Sweets December 1st 2020
This cake is definitely one of our staples. It might change a bit from time to time according to the occasion or our cravings.
Green apple Cake with Coconut oil
Sweets October 26th 2020
These super simple ingredients -beaten with an ancient hand mixer and baked in an old oven- transformed into the most wonderful, juiciest an...
Upside-Down Sour Cherry Cake
Sweets July 17th 2020
An almond flavoured buttery cake covered with a thick layer of refreshing –almost like spoon sweet- sour cherries; a simply irresistible c...
Pear cake
Cookies & Cakes & Tarts March 27th 2020
Mixing sugar with flour and vanilla, baking and waiting for the end result is my therapy! A simple vanilla cake, this time with pears, can p...
Pumpkin Puffy Twist
Sweets January 28th 2019
Time for some pumpkin! It definitely is. I have a full collection of them, decorating the outdoor tables and corners.