Roasted Sour Cabbage with Singlino & Sausage

This day is motivating me to cook with a roaster, something warm, mountainy and weather appropriate!

Winter strikes again! Here we are with a new snowstorm, only this time it’s called “Oceanis”. I find it a bit odd that we’re now naming every rainstorm or snowstorm! It’s just rain and snow, what’s the point of giving them names, like Telemachus, Ariadne or Hypatia? Regardless of the name, I am beyond happy!


I’ve read that naming climatic events first started with very intense and dangerous typhoons. Scientists found that naming extreme weather conditions helped the news travel fast so that more and more people could be informed about possible dangers. I completely get this but at the same time I find it a bit exaggerated for our humble, light rainstorms and snowfalls. At least for now, since we have no idea what the climatic changes and environmental pollution might bring us in the future.


What impresses me the most though is that weather phenomena –in this case, today’s snowstorm- feel almost scheduled nowadays! We know what’s coming, when it’s coming, its intensity, the areas it will strike.. Everything about it! I know what you’re thinking, that’s all very useful, right? And I completely agree with you, but isn’t it a bit too scheduled? Again you might say, what’s wrong with that? Nothing and everything. Even though it’s snowing right now, I’ve been informed that the snowfall will have stopped by 4pm and I just wish I could falsely hope it would keep on snowing. Is that too weird?

We couldn’t wait for our date with snow today! We knew that we’d wake up to find an all-white scenery, bright and shiny! All the trees around us, firs and cedars, are dressed in white. Such a fairytale scenery!

The temperature is below zero and strong winds transfer the snow from one tree to another. This gives us the impression that the snowstorm is even more intense. Our dogs are just super excited, especially the Caucasian Shepherd. He’s born to live in snow and he looks like he’s in his element today. He’s stretching comfortably,  rolling in the snow and eating some of it when he gets thirsty!

This day is motivating me to cook with a roaster, something warm, mountainy and weather appropriate! I’m thinking of lighting our old wood-burning stove and cook there. It has a little oven that is definitely not famous for its even roasting but I enjoy the process and it’s absolutely suitable for today’s mood. Rotating the baking sheet to achieve the right roasting, sitting next to the stove with a hot cup of tea and listening to the wood crackling in the fire! The ultimate slow winter food!

Since we knew a snowstorm was coming, I prepared myself. Oh, the perks of scheduling and planning! I’ve bought sour cabbage and have already desalinated it. I’ll cook my cabbage with smoked singlino (also desalinated) and some minced sausage. Singlino is cured pork, cut in pieces, it’s delicious and goes really well with Sauer Kraut cabbage or Podvarak (in Serbia). Those are the ingredients we’re mixing today.

Garlic, onion, bay leaves (that’s mandatory!), minced sour cabbage, singlino, sausage and smoked paprika. We’ve got this! That’s today’s mountainy and snowy palette and the patio is my office for the day!


1 sour cabbage thinly sliced

2-3 garlic cloves minced

1 onion minced

1 chili pepper minced

3 bay leaves

300gr singlino (lightly boiled and desalinated)

2 small to medium light sausages

Salt, pepper

2 tsp smoked paprika


1. The previous day, place your cabbage in a bowl with water and change the water every 6-8 hours to desalinate it. Desalinate the smoked singlino as well, by lightly boiling it.

2. In a deep pan, sauté the onion, garlic and chili pepper. Add your singlino and one of the sausages, both minced. Sauté until they’re golden brown. Add minced cabbage and cook until all flavors and scents are blended well. Add smoked paprika, salt and pepper. Be cautious with the salt. I personally never use salt in this recipe. No matter how long you’ve desalinated your cabbage and singlino for, they still are quite salty. Sausages too. Try it and make sure you’ve added the right amount of salt, if any.

3. Add the cabbage in the roaster and then add 2 glasses of warm water. Cover the roaster and put it in the oven for about 2.5 hours. You’ll almost forget about it!

4. In a pan or grill, cook your other sausage and cut it to pieces. Serve the cabbage with pieces of the sausage you just cooked and dredge with smoked paprika. Goes very well with warm homemade bread!