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Black tagliatelle with shrimp & coriander pesto
Pasta & Risotto April 23rd 2021
Fresh coriander, sautéed shrimps, garlic and lime.. Talk about the perfect blend of flavours!
Fresh green bean and grated tomato sauce salad
Diet- Detox April 19th 2021
As I was walking around at the organic market today – as usual, I stumbled upon some wonderful fresh, thin green beans.
Buckwheat Digestive biscuits with coconut oil
Cookies & Cakes & Tarts April 16th 2021
This time I replaced oats with buckwheat powder and used coconut oil instead of butter (since we’re still fasting). The end result? The mo...
Spicy scallop, lime & chives bruschetta
Starters April 9th 2021
Spicy scallops with garlic, lime, coriander and chives (a personal favourite) make for an absolutely delicious bruschetta topping. ...
Lemon Pie
Sweets April 2nd 2021
My baskets are filled with gorgeous organic lemons. I love the freshness of their green-yellow colours and, with a deep breath, I try to inh...
Savoury Panettone
Bread & Crackers & Pies March 26th 2021
This time, my pie is shaped into a beautiful, fluffy, savoury panettone which I’ve tried quite a few times in the past and the result is ...
Chocolate lava cake
Cookies & Cakes & Tarts March 19th 2021
The combination of hot chocolate cake topped with a scoop of vanilla or kaymak ice cream is simply beyond words. A few sliced strawberries o...
Cheesy potato & sausage galette
Potato March 12th 2021
Thinly sliced mini sausages in between potato layers will add a beautiful smoky flavour to this recipe.
Zucchini au gratin
Tarts & Souffles & Pies March 12th 2021
It’s just as delicious warm or cold the next day, rich in flavour and highly nutritious, therefore perfect for winter but can also be quit...
Feta cheese cornmeal muffins
Bread & Crackers & Pies March 5th 2021
They’re healthy and light, easy to make and a great, yummy school snack!
Vanilla & hazelnut cake
Cookies & Cakes & Tarts February 26th 2021
This is a classic vanilla cake with ground hazelnuts, a simple recipe most of us make quite often, except this time I wanted to make my cak...
Black chickpea hummus & avocado dip
Vegan February 19th 2021
This time I went for a classic, delicious and velvety hummus with the crispiest pita bread. Perfection!
Orange soufflé
Sweets February 12th 2021
The timing is perfect for this dessert. First, because we’re all in need of Vitamin C, especially during winter, and second, because citru...
Winter rainbow salad
Winter February 5th 2021
In season fruits and veggies, nuts, dried cranberries, raisins, blueberries, fresh orange juice and zest.. A feast for the eyes and taste b...
Sourdough Grissini breadsticks
Bread & Crackers & Pies January 29th 2021
I have some very ambitious plans today; homemade sourdough grissini breadsticks in different flavours.
Grilled porcini mushrooms with potato purée and truffle oil
Vegetables January 22nd 2021
Found some fresh, beautiful porcini mushrooms that I’ll grill with rosemary and serve with potato purée and black truffle butter....
Kid-friendly winter soup
Vegetables January 15th 2021
Soups are healthy and nutritious, perfect for winter and here to stay. Is it time for a little conspiracy between mothers? Oh, yes!...
Buffalo milk trahana with shellfish
Sea Food January 8th 2021
If you happen to come across these wonderful ingredients, don’t hesitate to try this recipe!
Pink Pavlova with forest berries
Christmas December 30th 2020
It tastes incredible and looks beautiful thanks to the fantastic pink colour of forest berries. Pink Pavlova is sure to delight my guests a...
Roasted pork knuckles with quince and chestnuts
Meat December 22nd 2020
We all know pork and fruits are a match made in heaven, so this is the perfect opportunity to make use of our fragrant homegrown quinces tha...