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Cheesy potato & sausage galette
Potato March 12th 2021
Thinly sliced mini sausages in between potato layers will add a beautiful smoky flavour to this recipe.
Bratkartoffeln - German pan fried potatoes
Winter January 31st 2020
The list of ingredients is more than enough to give you an idea of how delicious this dish is. A piece of art!
Artichoke And Sausage Omelette - Tinos Food Paths
Travel For Food May 17th 2019
The Artichoke Festival that has been held on the second week of May for years, has now evolved into something greater and bigger. It has evo...
Roasted giant beans with sausage
Winter January 7th 2019
Oh my, it’s snowing! I’m not joking, it really is snowing! Some of you might be thinking: “So what? It’s just snow”. But that’s ...