12 Articles with Tag " Vegan"
Fresh green bean and grated tomato sauce salad
Diet- Detox April 19th 2021
As I was walking around at the organic market today – as usual, I stumbled upon some wonderful fresh, thin green beans.
Black chickpea hummus & avocado dip
Vegan February 19th 2021
This time I went for a classic, delicious and velvety hummus with the crispiest pita bread. Perfection!
Tourlou / Greek ratatouille
Vegetables September 18th 2020
Juicy and delicious on its own, but also screaming for a bit of cheese and sopping the luscious sauce up with bread.
Broccoli & Kale detox soup
Diet- Detox January 17th 2020
This soup is extremely detoxifying and as green as it gets!
Redcurrant Jelly
Preserved Food July 3rd 2019
I’m making redcurrant jelly that can be preserved in jars for quite a long time. This lovely, vivid red, shaky jelly will maintain a stron...
Vegetarian Magiritsa soup
Easter April 25th 2019
The period of healthy nutrition with veggies is continuing. Another day of going through old recipes I haven’t made for a while trying to ...
My Gluten-free Easter Cookies
Cookies Policy April 22nd 2019
I’m making my favourite, all-time great Christmas-Easter cookies, only this time they’re going to be gluten-free!
Spinach and Kale Risotto
Vegetables April 12th 2019
Two weeks left for Easter!! I love this time of year.
Ajvar, The Red Caviar
Summer August 28th 2018
Every end of the summer, at the beginning of September, there is a culinary orgasm in our kitchen! It is the time that many summer vegetable...
First time Artichoke
Summer August 20th 2018
Yes, I have to admit that I have feelings for this lady! I consider her a beautiful flower, so impressive that I feel guilty spoiling her. A...
Seven Artichoke Flowers
Summer April 3rd 2018
For the first time, last year, we planted some artichoke seeds. It’s one of those trial tests that you don’t really expect something to ...
Thai Pumpkin Soup With Peanuts
Autumn January 29th 2018
Let’s say that today is a perfect winter day, I really mean it because we have forgotten how it feels to be winter.