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Chocolate rocks
Cookies & Cakes & Tarts May 29th 2020
If there’s one downside to these sinfully tasty mini bites, it’s that you'll find it impossible to stop at just one and resist temptati...
Vanilla birthday cake
Sweets January 20th 2020
I’ve combined a few different recipes today, cut down the quantities of sugar and butter just a little bit (as always) and made a lovely p...
Christmas Scent with Christmas Cookies
Christmas December 13th 2019
Every year, at the beginning of December, a day like today, our house officially enters the Christmas Season.
Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Autumn October 10th 2019
Every birthday needs a cake and today, we’re making our very own fabulous birthday cake!
Nectarine and sage tart
Sweets September 24th 2019
I picked some of the last remaining nectarines of this season and here I am, making a nectarine tart!
Sour Cherry Tart
Sweets August 1st 2019
Today, I’m making a delicious and guaranteed success recipe with the few sour cherries I have. A very simple sour cherry tart!
Strawberry Tiramisu
Summer July 16th 2019
As for which recipe I’m going to make with my beautiful strawberries, that’s already decided; a delicious strawberry and mascarpone crea...
Redcurrant Jelly
Preserved Food July 3rd 2019
I’m making redcurrant jelly that can be preserved in jars for quite a long time. This lovely, vivid red, shaky jelly will maintain a stron...
Redcurrant Charlotte
Sweets June 21st 2019
I’m making a wonderful, refreshing Charlotte cake today, with the redcurrants I just picked.
Spring Strawberry Pavlova
Spring May 3rd 2019
Somehow, almost without any thinking, strawberry Pavlova always ends up being the most common spring dessert in our home. It’s one of our...
Cookies & Cakes & Tarts March 4th 2019
Madeleines are mini seashell shaped sponge cakes, something between a cake and a cookie.
Lemon & Orange Mousse
Sweets February 11th 2019
I’m thinking of what I could make with my gorgeous, flavorful lemons. Something that will bring out their unique aroma.
White Christmas cake with dates
Christmas December 19th 2018
Christmas is just around the corner. We’re all in a festive mood already, buying gifts, decorating and making preparations in anticipation...
Pavlova – The White Swan
Sweets July 20th 2018
I remember my first encounter with Pavlova. It was love from the first bite!