Golden Salty Muffins

As you have already noticed ,many of my recipes are influenced by my Serbian heritage.

As you have already noticed,  many of my recipes are influenced by my Serbian heritage. My family has kept strong relationships and many recipes are on our daily table. Our family and friends have learned to love and appreciate these dishes.

One of the ingredients that is commonly used is corn flour. There is a specialty bread made of corn flour called « proja « which is used for everyday food but you can also find it served at high-end local restaurants as a starter with « kajmak» ( a local dairy product, something between cheese and butter).

Restaurants usually serve the slices of corn bread hot with the kajmak melting on the top. Please don’t count the calories.  Just keep in mind that this is simply "To Die For plate"! Just to add the cherry on the cake, complete the total picture and add a glass of red wine beside it!! OMG!

But if we come to everyday food, this cornbread can be very useful. It can become a great solution for a healthy meal at the office, breakfast, but even as a snack that you can send to school for the kids instead of buying junk food. My daughter was a great fan of those small salty balls and I always had a lot of them ready in the freezer.

I make cornbreads often. Trying to make them not so heavy In calories instead of “kajmak,” I make them with goat cheese (cottage cheese is great also or katiki ) which make them so much lighter. The other great thing is that after baking, you can freeze and use them whenever you want to. Just place them in your oven for 10 minutes. They will taste like freshly baked!! It was one of the healthiest and favorite breakfast snacks for my daughter!

When baking, we can use any shape or size of cupcake holders even silicone. You can also bake the cornbreads as one large cake. For Christmas, I even bake them as small Christmas trees. Just remember, the smaller they are, the more tempting they become.


3      eggs

6      tbs  of white flour

6      tbs of corn flour

1      cup of  oil (150ml); half corn, half olive

1      cup  of milk (or kefir), (150ml)

300 gr  goat cheese crushed (or any other)

1     tsp  baking powder

1     tsp sea salt


Preheat the oven at 190 degrees. Beat the eggs lightly and mix all the ingredients together. Distribute the mixture into the cup holders that you have chosen. Bake until golden, for about 30 minutes. If you want to bake them as a large cake, increase the baking time.