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Leek, potato and goat cheese galette
Autumn November 27th 2020
Since potatoes and leeks are so perfect together, I’ve opted to make a classic French potato galette, a recipe that we love and that is qu...
Green apple Cake with Coconut oil
Sweets October 26th 2020
These super simple ingredients -beaten with an ancient hand mixer and baked in an old oven- transformed into the most wonderful, juiciest an...
Celebrating the autumn harvest
Autumn October 2nd 2020
It’s time to welcome the new season and add those autumn vibes to your home with cosy cocooning reading corners, beautifully decorated bas...
Autumn Cheese Platter
Autumn November 14th 2019
I couldn’t wait to taste kariki cheese! You see, it’s like aged wine, it can turn out to be amazing but you never know, sometimes you mi...
Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Autumn October 10th 2019
Every birthday needs a cake and today, we’re making our very own fabulous birthday cake!
Pumpkin Puffy Twist
Sweets January 28th 2019
Time for some pumpkin! It definitely is. I have a full collection of them, decorating the outdoor tables and corners.