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Almond and plum tart
Autumn November 6th 2020
The sweet-and-sour flavour of plums and the almond-y and super crispy tart crust are a match made in heaven.
Strawberry tiramisu
Cookies & Cakes & Tarts April 19th 2020
Can’t think of a dessert that could be more suitable for the occasion than a delicious strawberry tiramisu.
Vanilla birthday cake
Sweets January 20th 2020
I’ve combined a few different recipes today, cut down the quantities of sugar and butter just a little bit (as always) and made a lovely p...
Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Autumn October 10th 2019
Every birthday needs a cake and today, we’re making our very own fabulous birthday cake!
White cake with shrimps and salmon
Christmas December 22nd 2018
I know what you’re thinking: “Another white cake?”  But this time it’s «White cake, the salty sequel».
White Christmas cake with dates
Christmas December 19th 2018
Christmas is just around the corner. We’re all in a festive mood already, buying gifts, decorating and making preparations in anticipation...