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Almond and plum tart
Autumn November 6th 2020
The sweet-and-sour flavour of plums and the almond-y and super crispy tart crust are a match made in heaven.
Celebrating the autumn harvest
Autumn October 2nd 2020
It’s time to welcome the new season and add those autumn vibes to your home with cosy cocooning reading corners, beautifully decorated bas...
Upside-Down Sour Cherry Cake
Sweets July 17th 2020
An almond flavoured buttery cake covered with a thick layer of refreshing –almost like spoon sweet- sour cherries; a simply irresistible c...
Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Autumn October 10th 2019
Every birthday needs a cake and today, we’re making our very own fabulous birthday cake!
Vegetables Au Gratin
Summer July 25th 2019
There are so many ways of combining these delicious vegetables but today, my mind is set on a recipe that I find perfect for summer. Baked v...