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Grilled aubergine with garlic and thyme
Starters November 13th 2020
Aubergines love a bit of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a good herb seasoning.
Autumn tomato soup
Autumn October 30th 2020
The weather is perfect for this amazing and nutritious “pretty in red” soup.
Basil pesto
Summer September 25th 2020
By following a few simple steps to make fresh pesto and then storing it in the freezer, you’ll be able to almost feel the bright summer su...
Cold Cucumber And Avocado Soup
Summer June 1st 2020
I love cold summer soups that are made with super fresh veggies and require no cooking at all, like the one I’m making today; a cold cucum...
Aubergine Lasagne
Summer August 19th 2019
All the ingredients I have today blend perfectly and create the ultimate summer treat. Buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, tomato, basil, spearmin...
Vegetables Au Gratin
Summer July 25th 2019
There are so many ways of combining these delicious vegetables but today, my mind is set on a recipe that I find perfect for summer. Baked v...
Chargrilled Potatoes
Potato May 14th 2019
Our recipe for the day is very mountainy and satisfying, the definition of comfort food! A chargrilled meal in the fireplace!
Asparagus Tart
Gourmet May 10th 2019
I once again found myself pondering over this wonderful Asparagus Tart. I’ve made this recipe quite a few times and everyone in our house ...
Artichoke Ragù With Tagliatelle
Spring May 7th 2019
I literally had no idea which recipe I would make for the day; the options were endless and I was so excited that I couldn’t really pick o...
Vegetarian Mushroom Ragù With Truffle
Pasta & Risotto April 5th 2019
The veggies I'm using today are not from our garden but they’ll soon prove to be equally delicious. I’m trying to avoid meat (which is i...
Pasta Fresca With Mushrooms
Pasta & Risotto February 22nd 2019
Latteria Studio was created to host cooking courses, with an Italian cuisine theme and more.
Lemon & Orange Mousse
Sweets February 11th 2019
I’m thinking of what I could make with my gorgeous, flavorful lemons. Something that will bring out their unique aroma.
Creamy Sunchoke Soup
Diet- Detox February 8th 2019
I love recipes that come with stories. I love reading the story behind every dish...
Vegetarian Carbonara with Zucchini & Asparagus
Pasta & Risotto February 1st 2019
Writing last week’s post about our trip to Gradara brought back so many beautiful memories that are still simply stuck in my mind....
Pumpkin Puffy Twist
Sweets January 28th 2019
Time for some pumpkin! It definitely is. I have a full collection of them, decorating the outdoor tables and corners.
Smile, There Are Always Potatoes
Winter January 26th 2018
It is amazing how many different combinations we can make with food. Endless possibilities to mix and match flavors, colors, scents and crea...
Golden Salty Muffins
Bread & Crackers & Pies January 10th 2018
As you have already noticed ,many of my recipes are influenced by my Serbian heritage.