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Vegetables Au Gratin
Summer July 25th 2019
There are so many ways of combining these delicious vegetables but today, my mind is set on a recipe that I find perfect for summer. Baked v...
Strawberry Tiramisu
Summer July 16th 2019
As for which recipe I’m going to make with my beautiful strawberries, that’s already decided; a delicious strawberry and mascarpone crea...
Artichoke and Ricotta Cheese Tart
Summer July 10th 2019
I’m thinking of making a beautiful puff pastry, artichoke and ricotta cheese tart. Super easy since I’ve made this one quite a few time...
Redcurrant Jelly
Preserved Food July 3rd 2019
I’m making redcurrant jelly that can be preserved in jars for quite a long time. This lovely, vivid red, shaky jelly will maintain a stron...
Cold Cucumber And Avocado Soup
Soup June 26th 2019
I love cold summer soups that are made with super fresh veggies and require no cooking at all, like the one I’m making today; a cold cucum...
Redcurrant Charlotte
Sweets June 21st 2019
I’m making a wonderful, refreshing Charlotte cake today, with the redcurrants I just picked.
Ornament & Crime April 28th 2019
Easter Table
Open your cupboards and find all hidden Easter bunnies and spring chicks.. Pick flowers and branches! Celebrate!
Workshops & Events March 8th 2018
Week Of Modern Macedonian Culinary
This year, for the first time, begins The Week of the Modern Macedonian Cuisine (
Travel For Food May 28th 2019
At Angela Roungeri's Traditional Cheese Dairy - Tinos Food Paths
My daughter and I looked it up and discovered that there is a lady somewhere in the mountains of Tinos that has kept the tradition of making kariki alive. So we reached out to her.